World’s Most Bizarre Sculptures ever seen

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4 min readJun 24, 2020

Instead of staring at a canvas or drawing from a more or less fixed position, sculptures are meant to be experienced in the round, compelling you to change your point of view as you interact with them.

Have you ever noticed that tourists try to get a picture near every boring sculpture or statue they can find? They don’t even care who made it, or why it is there in the first place.

1. Traffic Light Tree, London

This eight-meter-tall stoplight “tree” changes its 75 sets of lights in a random order, no doubt much to the confusion of unprepared drivers.

Apparently, this sculpture replaced a tree that died due to exposure to pollution. We must say, Pierre Vivant’s sculpture serves as a great reminder.

It was planted in Canary Wharf originally in 1998.

2. The Bull Fart Sculpture, Beijing



Cool Facts

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