Top 5 Most Secured People In The World

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3 min readJun 28, 2020

Once you get famous you hardly get any privacy, your life gets in danger and people are always prying on you. Once you build a mansion, you have to guard it against the trespassers as by making it so appealing, you are attracting people and not all of them tend to be good with their intentions.

As the number of high nets worth individuals continues to grow, bodyguards are now in demand for an increasing and diverse range of clients. So security comes into the picture to be safe.

Here are Top 5 Most Secured People In The World.

1. Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump is an American real estate heir businessman and the current President of the United States with an estimated net worth of 3.1 billion dollars. Obviously, the position of president has always come with its unrivaled security detail, which means it also comes with a steep budget. For example, to protect former President Barack Obama and his family for a year costs about $16 million. President Trump however within 10 weeks of being in office ratcheted up that cost to an estimated $29 million. As a result, in May 2017, the U.S. Congress eventually passed a federal budget plan that shelled out an unbelievable $120 million dollars for an entire year of security for President Trump and his family, just a few million dollars shy of what it would cost to safeguard President Obama for all eight years of his two terms.

2. Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s security forces are impressive, yet something of a mixed bag. The most visible and famous line of her defense, the iconic, tall-hatted Queen’s Guard, are mostly known for their elaborate marching spectacles and unflinching poker face during guard duty, but they’re actually far from the joke some tourists take them as and are perfectly able to mess you up if you overstep. Then there’s the security personnel that guards the Buckingham Palace at all…

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