The Tiny Face Makeup Challenge Is Trending In Quarantine

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2 min readMay 25, 2020

The “tiny face makeup challenge” is a new trend making the rounds on social media. Makeup artists paint miniature noses and mouths above their masks or scarves for the challenge, creating the illusion that they have tiny faces.

The YouTuber posted nearly an eight-minute tutorial video and explained the entire process of painting lips on her nose to achieve the look. French’s video garnered lakhs of views with several voluntarily taking up the challenge and posted separate images and videos. Internet users highly lauded French’s idea of an online challenge during the quarantine on Youtube and called the “best thing ever”. While posting the video, she nominated another artist ‘RawBeautyKristi’ and said, “I’ve seen this illusion over the years but I was sparked to try it when I recently saw a girl on TikTok do it and I stupidly scrolled by it without saving it.

Beauty YouTuber Jaime French is one of the latest people to inspire others to get creative (and a bit weird). In a viral video, she shows us how to transform our faces into a “tiny face” by using makeup and wearing a scarf or turtleneck.

Scroll down to see the steps and try on.

She started drawing on her nose

Contouring her head

Creating lips below the nose

Painting the lips

Final touches

This is the gorgeous look!

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