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3 min readMay 16, 2020

If you thought flying first class is as good as it gets for the rich and famous, it’s time you met Etihad’s The Residence.

The roundtrip flight from New York to Abu Dhabi is a whopping $64,000 in Etihad Airways’ penthouse cabin, “The Residence,” according to data from Seats and Stools. The sticker price is shocking, but it includes luxuries such as a private VIP concierge, a butler, a chef, and, not to mention, a three-room cabin in the sky.

Etihad Airways’ new route connecting Mumbai and New York City via Abu Dhabi has the distinction of having the most expensive ticket in the world for a commercial scheduled flight.

A one-way ticket on its private luxurious suite, The Residence, costs around Rs 25 million, or about US$38,000.

The Residence, the only-three room private cabin offered by a commercial airline, is the most luxurious way to fly. The 125-square feet suite includes a bedroom, a shower room, and a lounge area for up to two guests. The Residence is only available in Etihad Airways’ 496-seater Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane.

A hallway leads to a bedroom with a double bed — a first for a commercial airline — and a 27-inch flat-screen TV. Before landing, passengers can freshen up in a private bathroom. They can even take a bonafide shower.

Guests are pampered by a personal butler and are allowed to customise their in-flight dining menus and dietary requirements before travelling. Meals are served on bespoke 24-carat gold plated porcelain tableware and cutlery, with signature crystal glassware.

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