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3 min readAug 27, 2020

5Factum brings you a challenging quiz on world famous celebrities. If you want to improve your celebrity knowledge then you must definitely check out this amazing quiz in celebrities. So are you ready to test your celeb skills and play this challenging quiz on world famous celebrities?

1. Can you identify the celebrity in this picture who is also rumored to be running for U.S 2020 Presidential elections?

a) Idris Elba

b) Kanye West

c) Lil Pump

d) Wiz Khalifa

2. This actress is called as ‘actress of the generation’ is 21 times Academy award nominee?

a) Sarah Paulson

b) Kate Winslet

c) Kate Upton

d) Meryl Streep

3. This British celeb is a famous TV personality and has been judge on shows like America Got Talent?

a) Simon Cowell

b) Howie Mandel

c) David Walliams

d) Arthur Frank

4. He is the lead singer in Coldplay band. Can you name him?

a) Harry Styles

b) Liam Payne

c) Nial Horron

d) Chris Martin

5. This versatile Indian singer has…

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