Quiz: Can You Match These World Famous Buildings And Monuments With Their Correct Cities?

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2 min readAug 10, 2020

There are many famous buildings and monuments around the world which are known for their magnificent structures, art, and beauty. 5Factum brings you an amazing quiz on such famous buildings and monuments around the world. Can you get all the correct in this quiz?

1. Where is the St. Basil’s Cathedral located?


a) Istanbul

b) Prague

c) Moscow

d) Brussels

2. The world-famous Sultan Ahmed mosque is located at?


a) Istanbul

b) Karachi

c) Mecca

d) Medina

3. The Empire State building is located at which of the following cities?


a) Pittsburg

b) New York City

c) Toronto

d) New Orleans

4. The 30 St Mary Axe is a commercial skyscraper in which of the following city?


a) Chicago

b) Sydney

c) Dubai

d) London

5. The Petronas Towers also called as the ‘Twin Tower’ is located in which city?


a) Seoul

b) Kuala Lumpur

c) Abu Dhabi

d) Taipei

6. The famous temple Angkor Wat is located in which city?


a) Hanoi

b) Vientiane

c) Bangkok

d) Siem Reap

Check The Answers Here

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