Quiz: A Brainstorming Quiz For Star Wars Fans

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3 min readJul 24, 2020

The Star War is one of the most famous space-opera media franchise. The franchise has made 12 movies since 1977 and has earned a revenue of US$70 Billion. The franchise holds Guinness world record to be the ‘most successful film merchandise’.

If you are a true Star Wars fan then it’s time to test your knowledge and see how much you can score in this amazing quiz on Star Wars. May the force be with you!

1. Who is the adopted daughter of Queen Breha and Bail Organa?


a) Padme

b) Beru Lars

c) Leia

d) Pooja Naberrie

2. When Yoda trains Luke Skywalker for the first time where exactly Yoda does lives?


a) Hoth

b) Dagobah

c) Coruscant

d) Tatooine

3. What is the color of the lightsabers used by the Sith?


a) Red

b) Blue

c) Green

d) Purple

4. Finn loses in his maiden lightsaber duel. Who defeats Finn?


a) Kylo Ren

b) Darth Vader

c) Kerok Vet

d) Darth Maul

5. Luke Skywalker blew up…

Cool Facts

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