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Kingfisher, any of about 90 species of birds in three families (Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, and Cerylidae), noted for their spectacular dives into the water. They are worldwide in distribution but are chiefly tropical. Kingfisher bird, ranging in length from 10 to 42 cm (4 to 16.5 inches), has a large head, a long and massive bill, and a compact body. Their feet are small, and, with a few exceptions, the tail is short or medium-length. Most species have vivid plumage in bold patterns, and many are crested.

Kingfisher birds are widespread, especially in central and southern England, becoming less common further north, however, following some declines last century, they are currently increasing in their range in Scotland.


Common Kingfishers measure 17–19 centimeters in length, weigh between 34–46 grams and have a wingspan of 25 centimeters. Their beak is around 4 centimeters long and pointed. Kingfishers have short, orange colored legs. Kingfisher bird is very brightly colored. The color of their wings is a blue/green color and their upperparts, rump, and tail are a bright blue color. Their underparts are bright orange and they have a small, white bib underneath their beaks, on their throats.

Lifespan of Kingfisher

The average lifespan is 15 years. The nest fills with fish bones, droppings and pellets, making the Kingfisher one of the most unhygienic birds.

Numerous young Kingfishers die by drowning when they first fledge. Because of the high death rate, pairs usually have two or three broods a year, with as many as 10 in a brood.

Kingfisher Breeding

Kingfishers breed in their first year, and pair-formation usually starts in February. If the…

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