International Translation Day 2020

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2 min readSep 30, 2020

On 30 September, International Translation Day is marked every year to raise awareness of the translation profession and to pay homage to the work of language professionals. It helps in our changing world to foster cultural heritage and mutual respect.

Interpreters and translators have roles that are very critical. They are able to unite people and exchange fresh and exciting data that was previously only available to members of a particular community. Their work can influence ties between various nations and even alter the course of history. Incredible work is performed by interpreters and translators, and they deserve to be respected for it. The development of International Translation Day was sparked by this need.


On 24 May 2017, the U.N General Assembly adopted Resolution 71/288 to celebrate 30 September as International Translation Day, recognising the role of language practitioners in linking nations and promoting peace, understanding, and development. The day of September 30 was so chosen that it was the feast of St. Jerome, who was a translator of the Bible and considered the translators’ patron saint.

St. Jerome was a Northeastern Italian priest. He is known from the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament for translating much of the Bible into Latin. He also translated the Hebrew Gospel sections into Greek. He was of Illyrian descent, and the Illyrian dialect was his native tongue. On 30 September 420, Jerome died near Bethlehem.

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