International Day Of The World’s Indigenous Peoples

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2 min readAug 9, 2020

Every year on August 9, International Day of World’s Indigenous People is observed to support and protect the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide. The festival also acknowledges the accomplishments and sacrifices made by aboriginal people in addressing problems around the world, such as environmental conservation.

Indigenous peoples today are arguably among the world’s most underprivileged and vulnerable groups of people. The international community now recognizes the need for special measures to protect their rights and to preserve their distinct cultures and way of life.


Indigenous people groups live in all locales of the world and own, involve or utilize some 22% of worldwide land territory. Numbering in any event 370–500 million, indigenous people groups speak to most of the world’s social assorted variety and have made and talk the significant portion of the world’s very nearly 7000 dialects. Numerous indigenous people groups keep on being gone up against minimization, outrageous destitution and other human rights infringement. Through associations with indigenous people groups, UNESCO looks to help them intending to the numerous difficulties they face while recognizing their huge job in continuing the assorted variety of the world’s social and organic scene.

How is it celebrated?

On this international day, people from around the world are being encouraged to spread the UN message about protecting and promoting indigenous peoples ‘ rights.

Activities at UN headquarters in New York include messages from high-ranking UN officials, states, indigenous peoples and other community leaders; performances by indigenous artists; and panel discussions on emerging issues. There are also many activities held around the world to commemorate the day.

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