International Beer Day 2020

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2 min readAug 7, 2020

International Beer Day is a worldwide beer festival celebrated on 7th August, taking place around the world in pubs, breweries and backyards. For beer lovers everywhere, it’s a day to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the beer’s greatness.


Initially began in Santa Cruz, California, Beer Day started to praise the specialty of blending and to show thankfulness for those associated with the creation of lager. This immediately extended to incorporate festivals of barkeeps and other brew professionals.

In addition to the fact that it expanded in scope, however, in size also, rapidly increasing worldwide acknowledgment and following inside just a brief year. In the middle of 2007, when it was begun in Santa Cruz and at present where it is currently celebrated in 207 urban areas, 50 nations and on 6 mainlands.

Differing and new encounters are the sign of Beer Day, you have supported the sharing of procedures on the most competent method to make a brew, alongside how to appreciate it. Alongside the different nourishments and exercises that accompany it, to praise this charming day of blending ability.

Reasons for establishing International Beer Day back then were:

  • Gather with mates, and enjoy the beer taste
  • Show the people responsible for brewing and serving beer
  • Unite the world under the umbrella of beer, bringing together the beers of all nations on a single day

Celebrate the day

  • Go to a tasting — Yes, similar to wine samplings; there are brew tastings, as well.
  • Get a flight — Many bars and distilleries offer a trip with scarcely any ounces of 4–5 brews to taste.

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