Giraffes Lamp For Home Decor To Hold Chandelier With Their Mouth

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1 min readJun 19, 2020

This sculptural lighting installation called “Giraffe in Love” is a new product born from the collaboration between Italian artist/designer Marcantonio and Italian brand Qeeboo. “Giraffe in love” represents irony and lightness.

These giraffe lamps are sure to impress your finicky, high-class guests. But aside from its elegant design, it features a real-size replica of a young adult giraffe. This quirky element gives it the ‘fun’ factor that you won’t see in other exquisite fixtures. Even your kids will appreciate the quirkiness of this hanging lamp.

Available in a variety of colors — including black, white, and a range of pastel hues — it stands 2.6 meters tall (approximately 8.5 feet), mimicking the average size of a real, young giraffe.


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Cool Facts

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