Facts About Some Peculiar World Currencies

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5 min readMar 27, 2020

Human beings are obsessed with money. In the modern world, it dictates our work, our play and our interactions with friends and family members. Our very survival depends on it.

Well over the years there have been many weird forms of currency, as well as strange notes and coins. Here are few Facts About Some Peculiar World Currencies


Know the currency with the highest security features- SWISS FRANC

The franc is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland and it is one of the most stable currencies of the world.


The security features in Swiss franc can be identified by the following:-

1) Magic number- The number 1000 is printed in a shimmering, transparent colour. Depending on how the light falls on the banknote, the number appears and disappears. Tilt the banknote slowly towards the light until you can see the number.

2) The coloured number- The number 1000 is clearly visible and its print is rough to the feel. If you rub the coloured number on a sheet of paper, it will leave distinct traces.

3) The moving number- In the middle of the banknote, the number 1000 is seen on a special silver foil known as Kinegram. Tilt the banknote back and forth. The moving number on the Kinegram appears to rotate by 90 degrees and to become smaller or larger.

4) The perforated number- The number 1000 is made up of very fine perforations, a feature known as micro-perf. When held up to the light, the number 1000 is seen as a perforated surface.

5) The chameleon number- The number 1000 is printed with special ink and changes colour depending on how the light falls on the banknote. Tilt the banknote slowly away from you or towards you: watch how the colour of the chameleon number changes.

6) Glittering number- The numeric value on the note is glittering.

Cool Facts

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