Cousin’s Day 2020

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2 min readJul 24, 2020

On July 24th National Cousins Day celebrates the lifelong relationships that are among cousins. Sometimes our first friendships develop with cousins as young as infants and last a lifetime.

Many of us grew up around our cousins, spending breaks with them in summer and winter and moving slowly into life together. Then came college out of state and that amazing job opportunity, and we gradually lost touch.


It is a mystery precisely when National Cousins Day made its way into our modern-day calendar. What we do know is that for a long time, cousins had kept families related.

American families have gathered for reunions since the first settlers left the colonial protection and went west to pursue glory, wealth, and, more importantly, land. Cousins became the guardians of family ties as one generation passed the baton of keeping the extended family connected to the next generation.

Who are our cousins?

Cousins are relatives with whom we share an ancestor although the term is commonly used in many cultures to refer to the children of our aunts and uncles. Through genealogy, which is the study of families and their history, a relationship between cousins is called after which generation they belong to two people who have a shared ancestor.

How to celebrate?

There are various ways the cousins can celebrate this day. Below are a few forms of celebrating cousins Day 2020. Cousins are able to call each other and talk over phone and video. Cousins may use them to prepare a lunch or dinner party. For the same, you can send them cards too. Reminisce over the good times. Be sure to laugh about those things that didn’t seem so funny at the time. Post photos on social media using #NationalCousinsDay.

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