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Peru is a colorful land of textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible culture. It’s also home to one of America’s favorite foods — and an interesting national dish!

Check out these 6 interesting facts about Peru to learn more about one of our favorite destinations in South America.

1) Lima is the name of Peru’s capital city. There are 268,352 people living here. The country’s total population is 31,331.

2) After…

Visitors to South America frequently ignore this lovely landlocked region in favor of its more colorful and sophisticated neighbors. Bolivia, though, is definitely worth a visit only for its fascinating culture.

The country has enough quirks to drive you insane, but I don’t say this to discourage you; rather, I…

Apple is one of the most powerful corporations in the world. The company went through an economic depression at first, but after that, it grew in popularity to the point where the entire world could view it. Every man wishes to be called an “Apple” at some point in his life. Today we will read in this post facts about Apple Company.

1. The name ‘Apple’ was inspired by founder Steve Jobs’ fondness for fruit. The origins of the name Apple were shrouded in mystery, although it was simply a fruit that Jobs enjoyed and named the company after.

2. Apple was founded by three co-founders at first. Ronald Wayne, the third…

Venezuela, formally the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a South American republic located on the northern coast. It covers 912,050 square kilometers. Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela. Its official language is Spanish. Venezuela’s official currency is the Bolivar (VEF). …

Katherine Johnson, who died on February 24, 2020, at the age of 101, was a nameless “female computer” doing thankless but crucial work at NASA before helping send the first astronauts to the moon, getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and being the subject of an award-winning film. …

The world first witnessed the brilliance of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in the year 2005. For the first few seasons, the show was an instant hit, and its magic entranced a million hearts, then a few thousand for the next nine years.

But, as the saying goes “all things come to an end,” and in the post-HIMYM era, we’d like to reminisce through happier times and recall landmark moments, characters, and the blue French horn.

Here are some interesting facts about How I Met Your Mother that will make you turn the pages and relive the moments.

1. To keep Lyndsy Fonseca and David…

Located on the South American continent directly on the Equator, Ecuador is well known for many things. From its vibrant culture to its diverse landscape, this country is as beautiful as they come.

There are so many reasons why you’ll love the country, but we’ll share just a few cool facts about Ecuador.

1. Ecuador Was The First Country In The World To Recognize The Rights Of Nature

One of the first Ecuador facts I’d want to bring up is possibly the most crucial. Nature…

Cool Facts

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