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Below are cool facts about Sulfur. Why Sulfur? Because that’s what you searched for isn’t it? Part of our work here is to figure out what people want to know and write about it, so this time we are going to learn about Sulfur and we hope you find this article interesting.

1. Sulfur accounts for over 3% of the earth’s mass. If you think that’s not much, consider this the next time you look up at the moon: the earth contains enough sulfur to create not one, but two new moons!

2. When Othello in Shakespeare’s Othello seeks retribution, one option…

6 Cool Facts About Plantae| Read Plantae Kingdom Facts


Plantae Kingdom Facts will provide detailed information on the kingdom’s members. Many people believe that the kingdom’s sole possessions are trees, vegetables, and flowers. In fact, the kingdom has a plethora of other interesting plants to learn about. For more information, please see the following post:

1. Plants may live not just on land but also in water. The plants will require carbon dioxide, minerals, sunlight, and water to thrive. The sun provides a lot of energy to the plants. Plants can produce food as a result…


Are you in need of workout motivation? Well, you’re in luck because here are 6 fun facts about fitness that are sure to inspire you.

1. Starting after age 30, people can lose 3–5% of their muscle mass per decade.

Sarcopenia is a condition in which muscles gradually lose their quality and strength due to a lack of exercise. A solution to this conundrum is to make sure you’re incorporating enough strength training into your cardio program.

2. Listening to music can actually help you move faster and improve the quality of your workout.

Working out to music has been shown to improve your performance and increase…


You’re probably aware that Rhode Island (officially known as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) is the United States’ smallest state, covering only 1,214 square miles. Locals joke that you can walk from one side of the island to the other in 30 minutes.

But you’ve heard all that before — what about some facts about Rhode Island that you might have never realized?

1. The “State of…


Muscles are frequently discussed in the health and wellness world. And for good reason: muscles assist us in moving and functioning, and the more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be. But, aside from that, what else do we know about muscles?

Here are six fun facts about the muscular system and how they impact the body.

1. Muscles are divided into three types: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal

Smooth muscles are involuntary muscles…


Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that belong to a separate Kingdom called Fungi. Fungi’s cell walls include chitin, a polymer with a structure similar to that of glucose, from which it is formed. Fungi, unlike plants, lack chlorophyll and hence are unable to produce their own sustenance. Fungi get their nutrients…


One of the nobles — the noble gases, that is — is the gas that makes Las Vegas glow. Neon is one of the six inert elements found in the Periodic Table’s rightmost column. Noble gases react reluctantly because the outermost shell of electrons orbiting the nucleus is filled, providing…

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