5 Amazing Facts About Black Sea

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The Black Sea is one of the major water bodies and a famous inland sea in the world. It has been famous for a long time, mainly because of the name that denotes the rather inhospitable nature of this sea.

However, as time passed, the image of the Black Sea, as one of the most difficult water bodies to navigate, has changed. As home to a rich and beautiful collection of flora and fauna and more than ten small islands, the Black Sea has now emerged as one of the popular tourist attractions of the world.

Here are 5 Amazing Facts About Black Sea.

1. Mystery Surrounding the Origin of the name — Black Sea


One of the best and little known Black Sea facts is the origin of its name. There are various theories as to how this sea got to be called by this particular name. Of the many prevalent theories, there is one that says that the Black sea was called ‘the Sea’ for a long time before being called as the ‘inhospitable Sea’ before the Greeks took over its shorelines.

2. A Ticking Timebomb?


The Black Sea is a unique sea as it contains Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). The Black Sea is the world’s largest water body containing Hydrogen Sulfide. The Hydrogen Sulfide layer starts about 200 meters below the surface. H2S is an environmental pollutant and poses a grave risk to the areas around the Black Sea. Bacteria are producing H2S at an alarming rate.

The hydrogen sulfide-rich waters of the Black Sea pose a potential danger for the surrounding land regions. The impact of an asteroid may cause a catastrophic poisonous gas release in the atmosphere.

3. Creepy Rumors: The dead lies beneath the water?


What seems like an intriguing and almost scary fact is that the dead are believed to persist in waters of the Black Sea. Remains of ships and humans and other decomposable materials like ropes, wood, etc. can still be found at the seabed, hundreds of years after their entry into the waters of the Black Sea. As thrilling as this fact sounds, the scientific explanation for it is that due to the anoxic nature of the lower water layers of this sea, the process of decomposition is negligibly slow, hence, the persistence of remains of the dead inside the sea’s water. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has led to the creation of a number of rumors about the black sea.

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