15 Interesting Facts About Planet Venus

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Although Venus isn’t the planet closest to the sun, it is still the hottest planet. This has a dense atmosphere full of carbon dioxide from the greenhouse gas and clouds formed by sulphuric acid. The gas absorbs heat and keeps Venus moist and toasty. Apparently, it’s so hot on Venus that metals like lead will be molten liquid puddles.

Here are 15 interesting facts about planet Venus-:

1. Venus was one of the planets known by numerous civilisations. It is named after the Greeks otherwise called Aphrodite, the Roman goddess of love and excellence. All the planets in our nearby planetary group, with the exception of Venus, are named after male divine beings or fanciful animals. Venus is the main planet named after a lady, and it is accepted to have been on the grounds that it Earth he most splendid planet on earth.

2. Venus is more smoking than Mercury in spite of being further away from the Sun. Its mean temperature is 462°C. This is a direct result of the high grouping of carbon dioxide in Venus’ climate, which attempts to deliver an exceptional nursery impact, catching warmth in the environment like a cover and making the temperature of the planet be a lot higher than its nearness to the Sun would propose.

3. Venus is regularly called the Earth’s sister planet. The Earth and Venus are fundamentally the same as in size with just a 638 km distinction in width and Venus having 81.5% of the Earth’s mass. Both likewise have a focal centre, a liquid mantle and an outside layer.

4. Venus is at times alluded to as the “morning star” and “night star”. This goes back to old civic establishments who accepted that Venus was, truth be told, two unmistakable stars showing up in the sky. At the point when the circle of Venus surpasses Earth’s circle, it changes from being noticeable at dawn to be obvious at nightfall. The Greeks knew them as Phosphorus and Hesperus, and the Romans knew them as Lucifer and Vesper.


5. There are more volcanoes on Venus than on some other planet in the close planetary system. Space experts know about more than 1,600 volcanoes on its surface, yet there are likely a lot more excessively little for us to see. Researchers think most about these are torpid, however a bunch may in any case be dynamic.

6. When its surface was observed, it was determined that in fact its clouds were made up of sulfuric acid and water vapour, but more importantly, it’s temperature was measured, having an average of 465 degrees Celsius, 900 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead.

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