15 Facts You Never Knew About Kim Kardashian

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2 min readJan 9, 2021

The queen of reality TV turned 40 on Wednesday and so, to celebrate, we’ve got a little bit of Kardashian trivia for you — testing your knowledge on how well you really know one of the show’s shining stars, our Kimmy.

As Keeping Up With The Kardashians waves goodbye to the end of an era next year after 20 seasons, it’s a tough blow for Kardashian fans like ourselves, but it really just gives us an excuse to binge watch the whole series from the beginning again (old episodes are on Netflix, btw!)

Plus, in STELLAR’s November issue on shelves now, we’ve got a whole special dedicated to KUWTK, which we’d totally recommend you reading!


But for now, it’s time to brush up on your Kim K knowledge with some interesting facts about the star to mark her 40th birthday.

To find out more read the 15 lesser-known facts about Kim Kardashian.

  1. Despite what many people say, she never worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant. She did however, work as a personal closet organiser for celebrities, where she cleaned their closets and sold any items they didn’t want on eBay.
  2. Kim was incredibly close to her father Robert, who died when she was 21. She has tried to contact him through spirit mediums and believes he tried to warn her about the armed robbery she faced in Paris.
  3. Kim has said she knows who leaked her sex tape back in 2007, and that she finds the idea that she leaked it herself “offensive.”
  4. Kim has revealed she keeps some mementos from their time dating, in what she refers to as an “ex box” These include the box her chicken nuggets came in on her first date, two petals from flowers T.J gave her on their one-month anniversary, and their prom photos.

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