15 Beautiful facts about Tulips

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2 min readDec 9, 2020

Tulip is one of the prettiest and favorite flowers. Tulips also used in flower beds, fields and gardens, and bouquets and table arrangements. In fact, for seasonal wedding arrangements, the vibrantly coloured blossoms are so symbolic of spring that they are one of the most common flowers.

Here are 15 beautiful facts about Tulips.

  1. The word tulip is made from a Persian word called delband, which means turban. It is commonly assumed that it was named this because of the turban-shape of the tulip flower. However, this could have been a translation error as it was trend to wear tulips on turbans at the time.

2. Different coloured tulips, according to Teleflora, have different meanings. While purple signifies loyalty, the red flowers symbolise true love.


3. Tulips must be planted in the summer months for bulbs to blossom in the springtime. For biochemistry to occur, this unique species requires a long, dormant time in cooler temperatures.

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