12 Dark Facts About Most Favourite Color Black

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2 min readAug 22, 2020

Black has strength, beauty, formality, chaos, death, darkness, and mystery to it. Black is a deep color; it is the darkest color. Black is a neutral color, gray and white. It means it’s not a cold color or a bright color.

Black women have a distinct power, versatility, and boundless beauty. Our natural hair, our melanated skin, our full lips and bodies, and our unique style are just a few of the characteristics that make us stand out.

Color Black has been ranked as the number one favorite color for both genders when it comes to clothes combined. Surprisingly, black got the first place because 40 percent of the women chose black as number one compared to only 16 percent of men, who ranked it as their fourth favorite clothing color.

Here are 12 Facts About Most Favourite Color Black.

  1. Black retains all lights, so it’s an exceptionally low-vitality shading. Despite the fact that dark utilized interestingly, especially with white or yellow–makes vitality, dark all alone can be discouraging and can hose the temperament.

2. Black is often used as a sign of danger or evil, but it is also common as a power indicator. This is used to represent traitorous characters like Dracula and is also associated with witchcraft.

3. Black Friday is with us. The day after a roasted turkey binge feast, mashed potatoes, and a fruit-filled jello thing from grandma. This is also a day when millions of Americans are going out to unload their wallets around the country at malls.

4. Black has been the sign color of solemnity and authority since the Middle Ages and is still commonly worn by judges and magistrates for this reason.

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