10 Surprising Facts About Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a country that is misunderstood, and one that does not attract many visitors. Consequently, most people can not name any information about Bangladesh without having to spend some time investigating.

Bangladesh is surrounded by India, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, with a slight shared border with Myanmar to the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land crossed by the various branches and tributaries of the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra. In the delta area, tropical monsoons and regular floods and cyclones cause heavy damage.

Here are 10 surprising facts about Bangladesh.

  1. It is the host to the world’s third-longest beach. Cox Bazar Beach is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations and is the world’s third-longest beach. In Brazil, only Praia do Cassino, and in Australia, Ninety Mile beach is longer than Cox Bazar.

2. Bangladesh’s population size, pollution, traffic, and density make visitors feel like it’s an act of aggression across every manner. You constantly get over-stimulated by loud sounds, bright colors, and strong smells. As you step out of the car, traffic smoke will hit you in the face. Locals are feeling it too.


The Economist Intelligence Unit Liveability report says that it is the capital of a war-torn country; Dhaka is least livable city in the world. It’s not surprising that this is because of poverty, unemployment, dire infrastructure, constant traffic, and high pollution levels. Dhaka is the world’s 17th most polluted city.

3. Bangladesh has a population of 161,4 million ( 2018), which works as a population density of 2890 people per square mile, more than four times that of the United Kingdom, making it the world’s most densely populated country. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, with an area coverage of 315 square miles (816 square kilometers) and a population density of 8,906 million (2011).

4. In Bangladesh, some of the clothes in your wardrobe may have been made. Around 96 percent of the country ‘s export revenue comes from the textile and clothing industry. Because of low salaries and manufacturing costs, many fashion labels prefer production here.

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