10 Places In The World Where Humans Are Not Allowed To Visit

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4 min readJul 18, 2020

Our spectacular planet has so many wonders to explore. However, some places are just too dangerous, too protected, or maybe too special to visit — even for the most seasoned voyager. These places have been completely cut off from the outside world.

Due to the increasing use of technology, it feels quite impossible to know that some parts of the planet are still unexplored and covered in mysteries. The lesser you know about these destinations, the more you crave for it.

So, here are 10 Places In The World Where Humans Are Not Allowed To Visit:

1. Snake Island, Brazil


Pretty much obvious why this place is out of bounds. The venom from the snakes on this island in Brazil is so poisonous; it can melt human flesh.

There are more than 4,000 of them on the island, but local lore suggests that there is one snake for every five square meters of the land. Whatever the case, the Brazilian government has prohibited any visitors from setting foot there with one exception: Every few years, the government grants a handful of scientists a permit to study the snakes.

2. Lascaux Caves, France


This complex series of caves, located in Northwestern France, is home to one of history’s most famous examples of Paleolithic cave paintings ever discovered. The ancient artwork is believed to be over 17,000 years old and depicts mostly images of large animals that have been proven through fossil excavations to have been living in the area at that time.

The series of Paleolithic paintings that look hauntingly vivid hugs the wall and depicts animals like cattle, stags, bison, and many more. Sadly, the cave is closed to the general public since 1963. Archaeologists believe that human presence might destroy the ancient work of art.

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