10 Offbeat Traditions Around The World

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4 min readJun 19, 2020

People are so different in their way of life that what feels like a customary tradition to some seems like a bizarre notion to others.

And remember that if you look for the deep meaning behind these strange traditions, you will probably find that they make weird sense, regardless of their eccentricity.

Sometimes you will find it hard to understand them, whereas those rituals seem perfectly fine to the followers of that specific culture. These unusual customs and rituals are believed to be followed to bring good luck, to recover from a long-term illness, devotion to God, and for many more reasons.

Here are 10 Offbeat Traditions Around the World.

1. Tomato craze in Spain


La Tomatina is the biggest tomato fight that exists. It is a strange culture among the Valencians in Bunol where tomatoes are used as weapons. Snowball fights are so last year.

2. The baby jumping festival, Spain


In a yearly festival locally called El Colacho in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia, men dressed as yellow devils run and jump over babies.

During this festival babies born in the previous year are placed in arranged rows of pillows spaced out down a public street. Then men dressed in bright yellow costumes, and weird masks begin to run down the street jumping over the rows of children like Olympic hurdlers.

This tradition started in the early 1600s; the villagers believe that it keeps the devil away from these children. The babies are sprinkled with rose petals after the run.

3. Throwing of Broken Dishes, Denmark

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